Was The Last Night

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anonymoys asked: Damon Salvatore or Bonnie Bennett

Teen Wolf Cast + Shirtless Photos


[UHQ] Actor Tyler Posey photo bombs actor Tyler Hoechlin at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, California April 13, 2014.

That last one :O All I see is ASS!


make me choose → rumbelle or olicity? frary or olicity?
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TVD Meme ☆ Favorite Romantic Ship

Damon&Elena - “You’re the liar, Elena. There is something going on between the two of us and you know it. And you’re lying to me. And you’re lying to Stefan. And most of all you’re lying to yourself.”

Sansa Stark meme || (4/9) Quotes
↳ “She had last seen snow the day she’d left Winterfell. That was a lighter fall than this, she remembered. Robb had melting flakes in his hair when he hugged me, and the snowball Arya tried to make kept coming apart in her hands. It hurt to remember how happy she had been that morning. Hullen had helped her mount, and she’d ridden out with the snowflakes swirling around her, off to see the great wide world. I thought my song was beginning that day, but it was almost done."